Upgrade your shower with these quick pro tips

4 inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas.Looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom? Here are four ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.Color-coordinate your accessories.Install new features.Update the lighting.Paint the cabinets

This year, many homeowners are ditching their tubs and giving their showers an upgrade. For those looking to spruce up their bathrooms, the interior design pros are here to help.

For those willing to break the bank, consider renovating your space with a doorless walk-in shower.

Doorless walk-in shower

Doorless walk-in showers are a great way to upgrade your bathroom into a place of pure luxury. It is important to note, however, that installing one comes with a hefty price tag. The project could cost around $5,000.

“More homeowners are looking to bring spalike serenity into their own spaces through the continuity of surface materials,” Nina Magon, interior designer and founder of Nina Magon Studio, told Realtor.com. “In the bathroom, materials that can extend from the flooring to shower walls creates an ultraluxe space that is easy to clean.”

Have fun with tiles

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t have to be a costly affair. Replacing your shower’s tile with something that offers a more visually stimulating design is a relatively cheap and easy way to bring some fun into the bathroom.

“There’s a reason basic subway tiles are such a popular and timeless choice,” Mel Bean, of Mel Bean Interiors, told Marthastewart.com. “They are easy to work around, affordable, and can be taken in a different direction depending on other choices you make.”

Create some seating space

To make your shower as comforting as possible, consider adding some seating space. Miller Home Renovations said it’s not just for older adults.

“From built-in bench seating to removable shower seats, your shower will be even more relaxing with a comfortable place to sit,” the company reported. “Shower liners and shower surrounds can both incorporate built-in seating, creating a luxurious space to sit back and let the water wash over you. While shower seating is typically recommended for older adults, anyone in your household can enjoy the luxury of a comfy shower bench or seat.”