Class is never out in this $1 million school-turned-mansion

The $1 million home is the latest example of the school conversion trend

You can make this former school your own personal mansion for under $1 million.Built in 1899, Colorado's former Victor School has entered the market at $990,000.The former school is 14,848 square feet and rests on a 2.3 acre lot. The property's listing states that it was most recently used as a private residence.The former school features 11 bedrooms, six half bathrooms and one full bathroom."Whatever your dream, this is the property where you can finally turn it into a reality." — RE/MAX

With almost 15,000 square feet of living space and 2.3 acres of property, the opportunities at this former Colorado school house are limitless. That’s according to RE/MAX Properties, who is listing the town’s former school turned private home for a cool $990,000.

Formerly known as Victor School, the circa-1899 property comes rich in history.

“When you come in those original, historic front doors that still say ‘Victor School’ on the glass — on the right-hand wall, there’s a list of names of all the people that went to Victor School who fought in World War II,” agent Karen Schaefer told “That list has remained for all these years. Despite all of the paintings and conversions, everyone has always painted around those.”

The schoolhouse is just one piece of a historic area founded on local claims of a valuable resource — gold.

“People went there to dig gold, and people started to homestead,” Schaefer said. “Ultimately, they needed to build a school, and it ran as a school from 1899 until sometime in the 1970s.”

The building’s most recent residents used the property as a private living quarters and as a place to host a soccer camp program. While some accommodations have been made to provide modern amenities fitting of a private living space, there is much about the property that still feels like a former school.

“Some [of the bathrooms] are very much like a school bathroom with multiple stalls … and one of them has an original drinking fountain next to it, which is just amazingly cool,” Schaefer said. “A few of them have been converted into showers and whatnot, to accommodate the current owners and the needs of the camp.”

The property features 11 total bedrooms, six half bathrooms and one full bathroom.

Listing by Karen Schaefer and RE/MAX Properties Inc.