Make spring cleaning easier this year with these expert tips

Spring cleaning time is almost here. From getting behind heavy book shelves to crawling under narrow tables, it’s a lot of hard work that can make a big impact on your living space. Here are a number of tips from cleaning experts on how you can make the most of your spring cleaning in 2023.

Fix air leaks

Poor insulation can send your home’s air and heat bills soaring. Take a moment to inspect every window pane and door for cracks and other openings. Most hardware stores sell epoxy solutions to fill cracks and gaps.

“As tempting as it may be, don’t skip out on a quick walk around your home to make sure there are no faulty cracks or openings within window panes and doors,” Leanne Stapf, of The Cleaning Authority, told The Spruce. “Any air leaks, no matter how small, could lead to a larger issue, resulting in poor insulation.”

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Wash windows on a cloudy day

One of the most frustrating parts of cleaning glass is the streaks left behind. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Waiting for a cloudy day of overcast is an easy way to ensure that cleaning your windows goes smoothly.

“If it’s too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too fast and you’ll have streaks,” cleaning expert Donna Smallin Kuper told Better Homes & Gardens.

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Wash sconces and all other light fixtures

An important activity to add to your spring cleaning to-do list is to wash all sconces, chandeliers and any other light fixtures within the home.

“At first glance, these may not seem dusty, but once you wipe one, you will see a noticeable difference,” professional organizer Jamie Novak, author of Keep This, Toss That, told Reader’s Digest.

Don’t forget to stretch

Spring cleaning can be more than tiring. Bending down to clean under tables, crouching in awkward positions to get behind book shelves and most other cleaning activities in those hard to reach areas can be hard on the joints and back. More over, scrubbing can wear down muscles and cause soreness the next day.

Make sure to stretch before beginning any spring cleaning, and don’t be afraid to incorporate knee pads or other pieces of protective gear.

“Cleaning can often strain and pull lesser-used muscles, even on a fit person, as we crouch, lift, reach and kneel in ways our body is not used to,” Chief cleaning officer of MaidPro Melissa Homer told Today.