One of the world’s greatest places is in Georgia, Time magazine says

5 things to do in Savannah

Of all the places in the world to visit, Time magazine narrowed it down to 100. And one of those places is in Georgia.

The publication released its third annual list of the 100 most extraordinary destinations to explore.

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“To compile this list, TIME solicited nominations of places—including countries, regions, cities and towns—from our international network of correspondents and contributors, with an eye toward those offering new and exciting experiences,” the magazine explained.

Locations spanned the globe from Antarctica to Malaysia’s Desaru Coast, which is described as a “beach escape.”

Georgia’s spot isn’t in Atlanta but over three and a half hours southeast of it. Savannah earned its spot on the list not only with its well-known historical district, but because of the recently revitalized riverfront.

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“The riverfront of the Hostess City of the South is undergoing some radical changes, transforming underutilized space into new districts, bringing more of the city’s hidden treasures into view.

“On the site of a former power station, the newly opened Plant Riverside District offers multiple restaurants, most with river views and outdoor seating, such as the German-style Riverside Biergarten. Its towering dual smokestacks hover above music venues, morning mindful-yoga classes and the new JW Marriott Savannah, which features a rooftop lounge.”

Other spots Time recommends include the upcoming Eastern Wharf, which will include a walkable 54-acre space with community parks, shops, restaurants, hotels and residences with riverfront views.

A city steeped in history, visitors can stay in The Jules in the Historic District’s Chippewa Square. It offers luxury accommodations in a renovated 19th-century mansion.

For fun, enjoy the 3 Points Food Court. Named for the point at which three neighborhoods come together, the food truck park features live music, yard games, movie nights and farmers market days.