‘Mulan’ to premiere on Disney Plus this week

Live-Action 'Mulan' Trailer Released by Disney The adaptation of the 1998 animated film hits theaters on March 27. It sees Chinese-American actress Liu Yifei play the leading role of Hua Mulan. The plot centers on Mulan disguising herself as a man to join the Imperial Chinese Army. The film's cast includes Donnie Yen, Jet Li and Jason Scott Lee. Actress Gong Li plays a new character, a powerful witch who serves as the main villain. The Huns also feature as antagonists, just like in the 1998 movie.

With the future of movie-theater going still unknown, Disney announced that it will release its forthcoming live-action “Mulan” directly to streaming.

On Sept. 4, “Mulan” will be available on Disney Plus, which now has more than 60.5 million paying subscribers, according to the company.

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The digital premiere will still come at a cost though. According to Variety, access to the film will come at a premiere access price of $29.99.

“Mulan” was originally slated to open in theaters in March.