Metro Atlanta sports team hosts back-to-school event

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It’s a strange time for sports and a strange time for students, but the two overlapped recently in a back-to-school event hosted by Atlanta area athletes.

Last weekend, the Georgia Spartans, Atlanta’s semi-pro basketball team, hosted a no-contact, drive-thru event to distribute free stuffed book bags and fresh grocery boxes to people in need.

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The event was a partnership between the Spartans, Positive American Youth and others at the Camp Creek U-Bar. While it’s unclear what school will look like for students this fall, the team still wanted to provide some sense of normalcy for local students.

“I think what’s most important is to still prepare your kids and start homeschooling, so they can go ahead and still get the education, still get that thing they need. Just keep prayed up and be a blessing to somebody else,” Georgia Spartans owner, Jerell Shearin, told 11Alive.

Families who attended the event were given a stocked backpack for free and some fresh produce.

The Spartans said they will plan to host another similar event before the start of the school year.

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