Across metro Atlanta, need at food pantries continues

Several groups filled up cars with meals Saturday morning.

Across the metro area, the need from Atlantans at drive-thru food pantries continues.

That includes one in Hapeville, where the city has been hosting a free pantry for residents for a couple months, and the demand continues to rise.

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The pantry is held from noon to 2 p.m. every Wednesday at the Hoyt Smith Conference Center.

The weekly program has been operating since March and continues to attract hundreds of families each week. The event is a partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which has been in high demand since the pandemic began.

Hapeville’s Recreation Department director, Tod Nichols, told 11Alive that the Tri-Cities area has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak.

In Hapeville and the surrounding communities, a lot of residents have been especially hard hit, given that many people had jobs at the airport and in the hospitality field.

“It’s something that the staff was kind of leery about at first, but as we kept going, people would tell us, ‘thank you,’ God bless you, we really needed this,” Nichols told the TV station. “It really does something to you (to hear that).”

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More information on the pantry can be found on the city’s website.

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