Making ice cream may soon be as easy as making coffee

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It’s simple. You add a pod, push a button and 60-90 seconds later you have ice cream. Not coffee. Ice cream.

Sigma Phase revealed its new frozen treat system, ColdSnap, during CES 2021.

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Although still in its prototype phase, HypeBeast reported, “the countertop device utilizes pod technology to make ice cream, margaritas, smoothies and any other frozen treats.”

Sigma Phase president Matt Fonte said ColdSnap was inspired by compressor/condenser technology used in refrigerators, HypeBeast reported.

Each aluminum, recyclable pod, HypeBeast reported, comes with a QR code and mixer to make sure your ice cream has the right consistency. But why stop at ice cream? The ColdSnap will also make “frozen yogurt, ice coffees, smoothies, ‘healthy shakes,’ slushies, and even cocktails,” Gizmodo reported.

Credit: Sigma Phase, Corp.

There are downsides, however.

Even though the pods don’t need to be refrigerated and have a long shelf life, they aren’t nice and small like a Keurig pod. These pods are about the size of a soda can, so they’ll take up space in the pantry or cupboards.

And the machine itself is big.

“It’s kind of like having one of McDonald’s ice cream dispenser and a 7-11 Slurpee machine in your kitchen for your own personal use—admittedly, a very tempting pitch—but as pod-based machines go, the ColdSnap demands more kitchen real estate than most,” Gizmodo wrote.

And, HypeBeast reported, although each pod makes multiple servings for only $2.50–$3 USD. Sigma Phase expects ColdSnap to cost $500–$1,000.

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