Hungry for delivery? Here’s the best spot to get it in Georgia

How to Eat HealthyWhen Ordering Takeout.According to nutritionist Karen Ansel,ordering takeout food can be healthydespite its “bad reputation.” .This is great news, as the National RestaurantAssociation found that more than 65 percent ofsurveyed adults are ordering it on a regular basis. .Here’s some advice from nutritionists on how toeat healthy when ordering various takeout cuisines.1. Thai, Opt for steamed, veggie-packedsummer rolls instead of fried,high-fat spring rolls.2. Italian, Go for a marinara or tomato-stylesauce instead of a cream-based one.3. Chinese, Substitute brown rice forwhite rice, as it has morefiber and micronutrients. .4. Japanese, Tuna and California rolls are great options, as they contain a goodamount of proteins and are low in fat.5. Mexican, Ask for cheese and sour cream onthe side so that you can control the portion sizes of these calorie and fat-filled toppings. .6. Indian, Dal is a lentil-heavy, healthier optionthat’s loaded with spices and can be madewith a calorie-saving tomato base. .7. Greek, Hummus is a great plant-based proteinaddition to any dish that also provides adose of fiber and healthy fat.8. American , Opt for broth-based soups rather thancream-based ones, as the broth cuts outa lot of added calories and fat. ranked the best restaurants to buy food for a night in

While some restaurants have opened up for socially distant and/or outdoor dining, not everyone may want to go out to eat.

Yes, we may be well past the time in the pandemic where cooking was fun. Now we would prefer to have someone else whip up our next meal instead — even better if it can be delivered to our doorstep.

ExploreHere’s what Georgians reach for when they’re craving comfort food recently compiled a list of the best spots to order takeout around the nation.

“Here’s a list of our favorite restaurants that deliver in every state, including casual noodle bars and high-end steakhouses, so you can eat your most-loved meals from the comfort of your living room. Be sure to check individual restaurant websites for the latest opening hours and offerings,” the website said.

The types of restaurant food you can have sent to your home vary. In Fairbanks, Alaska, you can have uniquely topped pizzas delivered while you can treat yourself to sushi in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Georgia’s best delivery spot, however, focuses on seafood served in perhaps the best way: fried or boiled.

Bon Ton Atlanta fuses Louisiana and Vietnam cuisine into something that can only be described as tasty.

“This quirky brunch and lunch restaurant is a local favorite for po’boys, boiled and fried seafood and cocktails, and since the pandemic, it has moved to takeout and delivery only via Grubhub, UberEats and DoorDash,” noted. “You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. From the fried catfish and shrimp burger to the seafood and sausage gumbo, it’s all well-seasoned and excellent.”

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