Here’s the most popular barbecue style in Georgia

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Hint: It’s not a Midwestern method

Fire up the grill and get ready to feast on the most popular style of barbecue in Georgia.

If you’re unsure of which one that is, BBQ Revolution has you covered.

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The website has information on meat recipes, grilling skills and the best local barbecue. It analyzed Google Trends data to discover which of the big five styles — Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina or South Carolina — were the most popular in every state.

Nationwide, Texas-style barbecue is the favorite. Data show 33 states enjoy the slow and low cooking method for brisket. It also includes a simple rub of salt and pepper for the meat with an optional dash of tomato sauce. Six states each enjoy Kansas City and North Carolina styles the best, making a tie between the two.

As it turns out, Georgians see Memphis as their favorite. It joins three other states — Mississippi, Arkansas and, of course, Tennesse — in choosing this style.

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BBQ revolution reviewed Google Trends data to learn each state's favorite barbecue style.
BBQ revolution reviewed Google Trends data to learn each state's favorite barbecue style.

Credit: BBQ Revolution

Credit: BBQ Revolution

“Pork rules supreme here in the form of ribs and pulled pork,” BBQ revolution said in an infographic. “True Memphis style relies on a dry rub that consists of paprika and 40 other spices.”

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While Georgians seem to gravitate toward the barbecue style of the state to the north of them, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of barbecue spots in the area. Atlanta has plenty, as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has reported. Plus, in 2019 the state capital was on the rise as a major contender in the world of ‘cue.

“Atlanta in the past 10 years has emerged as a serious barbecue town,” Robert Moss, Southern Living magazine’s barbecue editor told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution at the time. “A generation of barbecue places has gone away, but they’ve been replaced by a new generation of very good places. That’s happened in a lot of cities, but it seems to be particularly pronounced in Atlanta.”

BBQ revolution also stated that Atlanta is Georgia’s barbecue capital, with 72 spots to dine on the tastiest smoked and sauced meats.