Google Collections is the Pinterest competitor flying under the radar

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The free social media application is a virtual pinboard that emerged in 2010.

But does it scratch that same Pinterest itch?

Google’s Collections is a service that has been available for years. The tech giant’s Pinterest competitor, however, has largely gone unnoticed by most Google users. The feature remains an underutilized tool that many web surfers could potentially be benefitting from. But it’s probably not worth deleting your Pinterest account just yet.

The feature was built off of Google’s activity cards, which were introduced in 2018 as Pinterest-style, AI-based recommendations. Collections can be a huge benefit to users that find themselves frustrated over search results they forgot to save, as the service groups similar pages you have visited from recent searches. Those collections can then be saved for ease of access.

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Google also recommends new collections and websites based on activities and hobbies. According to Fox News, the underutilized service is great for creating mood boards, saving quotes and ideas to help achieve goals, shopping lists, a read later collection for news stories, a list of places to visit or things to do, medical research, DIY projects and more.

Collections can be shared on social media for easy access to your social media followers as well. It may not have the familiarity of Pinterest, but it’s a service that could be worth keeping on your radar.

For those interested in checking out the service, it can be found at or in the app store.