Georgia’s most popular vegan eatery is just over 3 hours from Atlanta

Study Says Vegans May Outlive Us All Published in The Journal of Nutrition, a study conducted of 840 people eating five different diets found that vegans had the healthiest results. Study participants gave blood, urine and fat samples which were then examined by scientists for various biomarkers. The study found that vegans had the highest levels of an antioxidant called carotenoids, which has been found to decrease the risk of disease. This is presumably because vegans consumed more vegetables and fruits

Whether you’re a lifelong vegan or a budding veggie enthusiast, veganism is on the rise.

An analysis of Google Trends data from Chef’s Pencil showed the popularity of the practice was at an all-time high as of fall 2020. For Georgians on the search for an ideal vegan meal, Yelp has unveiled a list of the best vegan eateries across the nation.

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The list is part of the user reviews and recommendations website’s “Vegan Voyage,” which is described as “a tantalizing vegan-focused promotion throughout January and February.”

“Whether right in your backyard or requiring a road trip, these spots are worth exploring in 2021,” Yelp noted of its top vegan restaurant list. “Note that some of the featured restaurants may not be 100% vegan but have been determined by Yelp (methodology below) as the top-reviewed vegan/plant-based option in that state.”

To compile the list, Yelp pinpointed businesses in the vegan category with the word “vegan” mentioned in a majority of reviews. Then, it ordered those spots using factors such as the total volume and ratings of reviews with “vegan” in them. Included businesses were all marked open as of Dec. 22, 2020. All listed businesses have a health score greater than a C or 70 as of December 22, 2020, when available.

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According to Yelp, Georgia’s top restaurant for U.S. vegans isn’t in Atlanta, but three and a half hours south of the capital in Savannah.

Fox & Fig was a new concept the Foxy Family of restaurants introduced in 2017. Since then, the Troup Square vegan cafe has offered a creative, plant-based menu sourced from local, seasonal ingredients.

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Popular dishes include the Fox burger, an eggless quiche and avocado toast.

“Yay for plant based options! The fox burger was delicious and the Mac and cheese left me shook,” one Yelp reviewer wrote in part. “It legit tasted like regular Mac and cheese with all its creamy goodness.”

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