The best sandwich in Georgia is cloaked in Southern goodness

There are lots of foods that can satisfy your cravings for sweet, savory and everything in between. But almost everything is better when it’s placed between two pieces of bread.

Food & Wine recently shared a list of the best sandwiches each state has to offer.

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“On this list, you will not necessarily find the most fashionable or visually appealing—all we wanted were icons and legends, the sandwiches that have stood the test of time. We wanted the ones with an extreme sense of belonging, the sandwiches people would fight for, and possibly over,” the publication said.

There’s no room for debates about food theories surrounding a hot dog’s role in sandwich-dom here. To narrow down the list, the magazine had “strict parameters” for what makes up a sandwich. Food & Wine didn’t consider hot dogs, burgers, tacos or burritos in their roundup and, in practically all cases, barbecue wasn’t given any thought.

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While your typical sandwich is usually meat and toppings placed between white bread, in Georgia, biscuits are king.

The Peach State was named biscuit country according to Food & Wine, which wrote that “chicken biscuits, breakfast biscuits, breakfast biscuits with chicken on them” are “everywhere.”

Restaurants such as Empire State South in Atlanta, Kennesaw’s Stilesboro Biscuits and the capital city’s Home grown GA are among the places you can find some tasty meals between a sliced biscuit.

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From Hugh Acheson’s Empire State South, the weekday breakfast biscuit was deemed the best fried-chicken biscuit in the world according to this TripAdvisor review.

“The spicy pimento cheese, the scrambled eggs, and the perfectly crafted biscuit made this the best breakfast I have ever had!” it read in part.

Home grown GA, another Atlanta staple, offers the Comfy Biscuit, which is an open-faced fried chicken sandwich drenched in sausage gravy. Owner/chef Kevin Clark explained to The Southern Weekend that the menu item began as a fast dish the kitchen staff threw together to snack on in the busy environment. Once it was placed on the menu, just about every table ordered it.

It’s been a staple ever since.

You don’t have to limit your biscuit consumption to The A, however. Stilesboro Biscuits offers Kennesaw residents just about every biscuit sandwich you can think of including country ham, red hot sausage and pork tenderloin.

“The fried chicken biscuits are the size of my face and all ingredients are fresh and to order,” one Yelp review said. “Come early, the line is long!”