Georgia’s most popular fried chicken spot may surprise you

Despite fast food’s 23% sales slump tied to the coronavirus pandemic, new data show that fried chicken is still a top seller.

It remains to be seen if the ongoing chicken sandwich wars have anything to do with it, however.

Global agency network Top Data examined GPS tracking data and consumer spending data at the seven largest fried chicken restaurant chains.

“We analyzed visits to chicken restaurants across the nation and found that KFC currently ranks as America’s favorite, coming top in 14 states. Despite not topping many states in visits, Chick-fil-A has still seen an increase in spend of 23%, showing that their delivery service has proved popular during the pandemic,” the agency said.

The Atlanta-based self-proclaimed inventor of the chicken sandwich has never been the most popular fried chicken fast food spot in a state and analysis of 2020 data shows no change in that title.

Instead, KFC has proved to be the most popular fried chicken in the U.S., with Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Montana among the states preferring the finger-lickin’ good poultry.

Credit: TOP Data

Credit: TOP Data

Georgia, however, was not among those states that enjoy KFC the most.

Peach State residents prefer local staple Zaxby’s to satisfy their fast-food fried chicken cravings.

The Athens-based fast-food chain, which was founded in Statesboro in 1990, came out on top as the most popular crisped bird in the state. Still, KFC managed to make it on the list at No. 3.

And not to be forgotten, Chick-fil-A came next at No. 4.

Most Popular Fried Chicken in Georgia

  1. Zaxby’s
  2. Bojangles
  3. KFC
  4. Chick-fil-A
  5. Popeyes