Georgia’s favorite pizza can’t be outpizza’d, analysis reveals

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Pizza Is Officially , America's Favorite Food.The Harris Poll conducted a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults.The top answer among 21% of participants was pizza.Coming in at number 2 was steak with 16% of votes.The number 3 spot with 13% of votes went to hamburgers.And 4th place was a tie between tacos and pasta with 11% of votes.Pizza has dominated the survey a few years in a row.The results also indicated that pizza was the preferred "cheat day" food.and participants felt less guilty about eating pizza as long as it included vegetables

Some local favorites also emerged

Bready, cheesy saucy goodness can only be found in a handful of foods. Perhaps those adjectives describe nothing better than a pizza.

The beloved dish became an American staple after it was brought here by Italian immigrants in the 19th century. Since then, Americans can’t seem to get enough of the savory pies. In 2020, pizza restaurant sales amassed $46.24 billion, according to Statista.

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A new analysis has revealed the favorite pizza chains across the nation. Google shared data with Thrillist revealing which chains are the most-searched in every state. It also offered data on preferred local pizza joints. The data was gathered from Google Maps throughout 2020.

“You can see the results of that data below, where you’re going to find a whole lot of Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Though, Pizza Hut trailed its competitor’s top-rank in 31 states, according to Google. Jet’s Pizza also snuck in there as the top pick in Michigan. Surprisingly, Papa John’s was only sitting atop the pile in one state as well,” Thrillist said.



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The map shows that Wichita, Kansas-based chain Pizza Hut is the favorite in Georgia since it’s the most-searched among residents.

But the Peach State also has a taste for local pizzerias, many of which are popular options for metro Atlantans.

Marco’s Pizza, Fellini’s Pizza and Johnny’s New York Style Pizza came out as local favorites.

In last year’s Best of Atlanta poll, AJC readers voted on the top places to order a slice. When it came down to it, write-in nominee Triple Jay’s Pizza and Varuni Napoli duked it out. Ultimately, it was the latter that won the title.

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