Data show Atlanta doesn’t have the worst drivers after all

Top 10 Best Driving Cities of 2021 according to QuoteWizard .Birmingham, Alabama.St. Louis.Little Rock, Arkansas.New Orleans.Memphis, Tennessee.Louisville, Kentucky.Detroit.Atlanta.Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Grand Rapids, Michigan

You may think Atlanta would land among the worst drivers in the nation. But new data show that’s not the case.

QuoteWizard analysts have annually evaluated which U.S. cities have the best and worst drivers.

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“The QuoteWizard research team evaluated driver quality from the 70 largest cities in America. We analyzed 2020 data from millions of insurance quotes from drivers in the 70 cities using,” the online insurance marketplace said in its methodology.

“We used a composite ranking system to rank each city for their rate of incidents. Incidents include accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs and citations. Cities considered the worst drivers had the highest rates of incidents among drivers.”

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Atlanta was the eighth-best driving city. It ranked No. 40 in accidents and had a 61 DUI rank. It came in at No. 68 for speeding and 67 for citations.

Each city’s overall rank combined the four different factors. Some cities had especially high or low scores in varying categories.

Atlanta came in third for cities with the least speeders. The Big Peach also was fourth for the least citations.

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