Cherished Varsity employee retires after 45 years

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An Atlanta institution is about to celebrate 90 years. When the Varsity asks "What'll ya have?," here are some ways to say it. What we have here is a double chili steak with cheese, strings and a P.C. (that's with ice). Don't want ice? That's N.I.P.C. This box of deliciousness contains strings, rings, a naked dog, a slaw dog and a chili steak. That sunny, slushy cup on the right? That's an F.O. (or Frosted Orange). Those onions on the side? That's sideways. Want extra chili on that dog? That's a heavyweig

A cherished employee at the Varsity has retired after serving the Atlanta community for more than 45 years.

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Rebecca Dablah started in 1976 and worked alongside four generations of the Gordy Family, who have owned the iconic restaurant since it opened in 1928.

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“Her incredible work ethic is admired by all of her coworkers. She has been a shining example of what it means to be a Varsity team member,” the Varsity posted on Facebook.

She has seen a countless number of people walk through the doors, and has served presidents, dignitaries and celebrities alike. But the ones who meant the most to Dablah were the regulars, who were “like family.”

“We will miss you Mrs. Rebecca and wish you all the best in your retirement ... We love you!” the restaurant posted.

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Dablah’s retirement follows that of longtime carhop Louis Frank Jones, who left The Varsity last year after 63 years.

Now for Dablah, when it comes to retirement, the question is, “what’ll ya have...what’ll ya have?

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