TikTok reacts to 72-year-old’s intense workout routine

These Exercises Burn the Most Calories, According to Science

Dwight Williams, 72, shared a video on Tik Tok of his intense workout routine. And it got TikTok users talking.

“I’m trying to get into shape for my 73rd birthday, but it’s a war. A never-ending battle to fight and slow down the aging process,” he said while doing bench dips.

Commenters remarked with surprise after witnessing his workout and learning his age

“U mean 30th birthday lol,” one commenter wrote.

Similarly, someone else said, “You look like you in your 30′s.”

“You are winning brother. thank you for the inspiration,” another commented.

“yesss .... I love your dedication,” someone else said.

When he was 18, Williams’ doctor told him his left kidney was deteriorating, according to his website. Since then, Williams has dedicated his life to his fitness and health. He traveled across the world finding what works best for him. Williams is not a doctor, nutritionist, or health coach but he shares his fitness journey on TikTok to inspire others.

The soon-to-be-73-year-old is an example of what many experts have been saying for years: Exercise slows down the aging process and can increase your life span.

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are a few tips.

How long should you exercise?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults should incorporate at least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise a week. Two days a week should be dedicated to muscle strengthening exercises and three days a week should focus on balance training.

Moderate intensity exercises

Aerobic exercises help maintain mobility as you age, according to Mayo Clinic. Moderate-intensity exercise includes brisk walking, while hiking and jogging are vigorous-intensity activities according to the CDC.

If you’re looking for a daily routine, consider going on a brisk walk around the neighborhood, or visiting your local park for 30 minutes daily. If you’re too busy during the week, try going on a long hike for at least an hour and a half on the weekends. You can find several hiking trails near you that have varying degrees of difficulty if you want more of a challenge.

Maybe you’d prefer to cool off in the pool instead. If that’s the case, swimming provides a great option to include in your workout routine. According to American Senior Communities, swimming can increase your flexibility, has little risk of injury, and can improve muscle strength.

Muscle strengthening exercises

You don’t necessarily need to get a gym membership to strengthen your muscles. There are plenty of exercises that don’t require a visit to the gym. According to U.S. News and World Report, these exercises include wall slides, side planks, wall pushups and lying hip bridges. If you’re at the gym, add dumbbells or resistance bands to your workout for an additional boost to your fitness.

Exercises to improve balance

Balancing on one foot, walking backward or using a wobble board are examples of balance exercises. According to Harvard Health, balance training improves coordination, increases your reaction time, strengthens muscles and bones, helps prevent falling, and can improve your brain function.

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