5 simple ways to feel better after having a bad day

A bad day at work doesn’t have to come home with you

Having a bad day sometimes is unavoidable.

And while it’s almost impossible to have everything figured out or restart your day, little things can help turn a frown upside down. When it comes to taking control of your bad day, it starts with mental practice.

From walking outside to meditation, here ate five ways to help you have a better day:

Say affirmations

For affirmations to work, you have to be authentic and realistic, notes Psych Central. Acknowledging your situation with the intent to make it better is the best way to make use of affirmations.

If you’re anxious, sad or angry, admit it, and then affirm what you want to think instead. For example, “This task is stressful, but I’m stronger than I think.”

Update your resume

Let’s face it: Sometimes, our lousy day begins when we think about going to work. If your workplace is the cause of anxiety, depression, and stress, don’t be afraid to update your resume and start looking elsewhere.

A 2022 MIT Sloan study reveals toxic work environments are the No.1 reason people quit their jobs.


Emory University professor Harold Gouzoules, who holds a master’s in psychology and a Ph.D. in zoology, has studied screams — from both humans and animals — for decades. He’s detected that screams convey six emotions: fear, pain, surprise, happiness, anger, and frustration or sadness.

Sometimes, your bad day could get a lot better after finding a private place to do some much-needed scream therapy.

Listen to music

What we listen to can have effects on how we react to situations. When we’re sad, listening to sad or slower music can help initiate some much-needed tears, versus when it’s time to party, the anthems are on repeat.

Being intentional with what you’re listening to. Music can lift you out of your bad day or help you connect with your emotions. Calming sounds, like nature sounds, can help with anxiety.

Take a shower

Ever heard the term, wash the day away? A shower can help you leave stress behind.

According to The Swaddle, showers — both hot and cold — can reduce anxiety. However, hot showers are especially useful, as they cause our brains to release oxytocin — a “happy hormone” — which can reduces stress.