5 easy ways to keep your bathroom as clean as possible

4 inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas. Looking for ways to spruce up your bathroom? Here are four ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. Color-coordinate your accessories. Install new features. Update the lighting. Paint the cabinets

The lavatory, the privy, the washroom. However you refer to it, the bathroom is one of the spots in the house that you’ll visit most often throughout the day. That’s especially been the case over the past year when the coronavirus pandemic transformed our homes into our offices.

With you, the kids and your spouse or significant other all washing up even more as you strive to keep those hands clean, you want to make sure your bathroom is as tidy as it can be.

Better Homes & Gardens has a few simple swaps you can make to create a pristine presence in your bathroom. Here are a few.

Keep your toothbrush protected

How many times have you heard about all the gunk and goop that can get trapped in the fibers of your toothbrush from a toilet plume? Make sure that the tool you use to clean your teeth is clean itself by covering it up with one of these for $6.79 from Amazon. Just do so once your toothbrush is completely dry, as the American Dental Association notes it can trap moisture and cause bacteria to grow.

While there are some toothbrush sanitizers on the market, there isn’t much data surrounding sanitizing the tool, according to the ADA. Still, one study found soaking a toothbrush in 3% hydrogen peroxide or Listerine mouthwash decreases bacterial load by 85%.

Use touchless features

Touchless bathroom features can be relatively common in public restrooms, but why not bring that into your home, too? Bathroom faucets that require no contact to turn them off or on are an option, but you can also save a few bucks by simply installing a faucet adaptor with a sensor. Amazon has one by iTouchless for $35.66.

Install a bidet

Bidets aren’t as uncommon as they used to be pre-pandemic. NPR reported last year that the toilet paper shortage early in the pandemic led to a rise in their popularity, and for good reason. Business Insider reported that using them can lead to reduced occurrences of medical issues including rashes or hemorrhoids and urinary tract infections. They also are gentler on the commode, since it’s a stream of water rather than a wet wipe that can lead to costly sewer damage and a potentially gross bathroom.

There are several bidet options that can easily be installed on your toilet on the market today, including this Hot and Cold Water Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment available to AJC readers for $69.99 for a limited time.

Sanitize the shower curtain

Just because you get clean in the shower doesn’t mean the curtain receives the same treatment. Give it some attention by tossing it in the washer regularly if the manufacturer says it’s OK — most fabric curtains and liners can stand up to a spin on the gentle cycle, according to Better Homes & Gardens.

You can also take steps to prevent mold, mildew and soap scum from building up beforehand by using a shower curtain liner that resists the grime, such as this one for $10.99 on Amazon.

Switch out the bath mats

Bath mats made of soft, cozy materials may be the go-to options, but they can harbor dirt in their fibers. You can exchange them for ones made of natural materials such as diatomaceous earth or bamboo. The Spruce notes that bamboo options prevent mold and mildew from growing while diatomaceous earth mats, which are fossilized aquatic materials, are naturally antibacterial. You can get a bamboo option from Overstock.com for $33.97.

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