3 parks you can visit to see fall foliage in Alpharetta

This season may have some rainy days, but when it’s sunny, dry and the timing is right, it’s perfect to venture to a park. In Alpharetta, there are several spots residents can do that, and folks have weighed in on the best park for Best of Alpharetta.

Alpharetta residents looking for a way to experience the fall with safety in mind can take delight in the fact that several hiking trails around them will provide lush views of the season.

Changing leaves are a hallmark of autumn and occur because of the slowing production of chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants. Once the production of chlorophyll stops as the weather turns cooler, the true pigment of leaves begins to show and people are treated to oranges, yellows and reds in the fall, according to the Smokey Mountains Fall Foliage Prediction Map explainer.

There are several places in the north Fulton city that will provide a colorful glimpse of the transformation. Inspired by Patch.com’s list of the best hiking trails residents can visit to see the changing leaves, here are three Alpharetta parks you can stop by to experience fall foliage and remain socially distant from other nature admirers.

Big Creek Greenway

One of Alpharetta’s most notable nature spots, Big Creek Greenway offers about 11 miles of meandering paths through deciduous woods, so lush fall hues are easy to spot during this season.

Take note that multiple sections of the multi-use trail will be closed for repairs and renovations so plan your route accordingly. Several access points are available:

Bethelview Trailhead - 5120 Bethelview Road

Fowler Park Trailhead - 4110 Carolene Way (temporarily closed)

Union Hill Trailhead - 5259 Union Hill Road

Halcyon Trailhead - 6265 Cortland Walk

Rock Mill Park

Connected to the Big Creek Greenway, pathways here allow guests to walk comfortably and with plenty of space among the many trees surrounding the trails.

“Rock mill park is a small but endearing place to spend your weekend,” one Google review read. “It feels like a hidden nook in the city of Alpharetta and it has plenty of seating and other amenities... that make it worth visiting.”

3100 Kimball Bridge Road


Webb Bridge Park

Aside from trails, a playground allows the kids to experience the fall leaves while enjoying themselves on swings and slides. Just be sure to help your kids adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for visiting parks.

One Yelp reviewer who said they’d been visiting the park for more than a decade wrote Webb Bridge “is a top tier park in the Alpharetta area!”

4780 Webb Bridge Road