Students Without Mothers

Credit: Armetrice Photography

Credit: Armetrice Photography

History: In 2004, Students Without Mothers began offering scholarships to students who lost their mothers to incarceration, abandonment or death. To help students navigate successfully through college, professional grief counseling and life coaching were added in 2008.

Did you know: Students Without Mothers provides scholarships to qualifying low-income students? Students learn about the program through their high school, community organization, or word of mouth. Students who pursue a college degree or trade can receive $1,000 a year and can use the funds to cover expenses, such as books, food, or clothing. One hundred fifteen students have received financial support, consistent monthly coaching, and counseling.

Motto: Students Without Mothers’ motto is to empower students to help themselves.

How you can help: Individuals with experience or a passion for working with youth are encouraged to become student advisors. Each adviser is assigned to three to five students and conducts monthly virtual check-ins. Financial assistance to Students Without Mothers helps more young adults get the support they need to thrive.

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