Cobb city ranked among the 100 best places to live in America

To come up with the top 100 cities, Livability editors and data scientists examined more than 1,000 cities based on thousands of a number of data points measuring economics, housing, amenities, infrastructure, demographics, social and civic capital, education and health care. Those factors determine what Livability calls the live score.

One metro Atlanta city outshone all the others on the list. With a LivScore of 582, Marietta made it to the 73rd best place to live in America, according to their ranking.

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“With a population just over 62,000, Marietta maintains a relatively low cost of living while providing high-quality housing options and a tight-knit community for residents,” wrote Livability writer Cara Sanders.

The city's entry mentioned some of the city's attractions, including Home Depot, Lockheed Martin, Marietta Square and the Big Chicken. Livability surveyed millennials to find what things they value to determine the ranking.

Since affordability was number one “by a landslide,” Livability included no cities with a median home value greater than $250,000.

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It also added some weight to data points measuring diversity and inclusion “to reflect what millennials are looking for in the cities they call home.”

Data is pulled from public and private sources, including the U.S. Census Bureau and Esri.

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