Have you ever read all the Google reviews of The Big Chicken? We did.

The Big Chicken was already 35 years old by the time Google became a company in 1998.

Even still, 470 people have reviewed the roadside attraction and KFC restaurant on the site.

Since 1963, the 56-foot-tall animitronic avian icon has loomed over 12 Cobb Pkwy. in Marietta.

The chicken was designed by Georgia Tech architectural student Hubert Puckett for what was at that site — Johnny Reb’s Chick, Chuck and Shake.

The corporate colonel took custody in 1974.

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In January 2017, the place closed for a $2.2 million renovation as part of a larger effort to freshen up 60 or so KFCs. It reopened in May.

There are two places to lodge reviews for the location; one for restaurant and one for the actual fake chicken. As of late February 2018, the eatery has 101 reviews and the bird has 369 reviews.

The roadside icon is rated at 4.3 stars and chicken joint has 3.6 stars.

In each case, five-star reviews rule the roost.

Below is a smattering of the public reviews one can find for The Big Chicken over the last six years. We didn’t correct everyone’s grammar and syntax and spelling, so don’t lay an egg.

• “I think this may be the last real KFC left....”

• “Great place

Love it

A lot”

• “This is not your average KFC. They have some awesome soda choices. The staff was very nice. Overall, as great of an experience as you can get at a KFC.

Oh, and there’s a weird statue of the Colonel.”

• “Good food and cool inside layout ..KFC..I'm to drunk to taste this chicken..”

• "This is the 1st ever KFC resturant and Colonel Sanders actually worked at this location. It was recently re-done again as this is their flagship. (Editor's note: None of that is true.) They rank an extra star to 5 as its nice that kept the original 'Big Chicken' intact and functional all these decades. Its now a landmark and if you ask directions they will generally use 'The Big Chicken' as a bearing point."

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• “Didn't go in, was too busy laughing in the parking lot at the chicken.”

• "Is the big chicken the only one like this." (Yes.)

• “KFC chicken at an iconic location. All directions in Marietta usually involve the Big Chicken. Food was up to par, but location was not clean during our visit hence the 4 star rating.”

• "We all know how to go any where if you start at the big chicken" (#philisophical)

• "To begin, I want to say that I absolutely love the renovations! They did a great job making this place a lot bigger, modern, and an overall better experience when walking in there. My complaints come mainly with their beverage options and their staff. As a person with a gluten / wheat intolerance, I would really like to be able to get an answer out of either the chef (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution did not independently verify if a person who works there is a "chef.") or the cashier about what I can eat. Usually I can deal with grilled chicken just fine, or mashed potatoes, or green beans. Those things are typically naturally gluten-free. Unfortunately the staff has no idea about what gluten is, or even what wheat is in. I have learned that most restaurants aren't willing to be accommodating to my dietary needs which is very understandable, but it would be nice to have an informed person to talk to. My other complaint comes from their beverage options. I'm not sure if it's everywhere, but in this KFC they have their own soda flavors and then a Pepsi machine. Now I really wanted to like their soda but it all tasted incredibly carbonated and nasty. That same thing applied for their Pepsi machine. I don't know if I came in their on a bad day or what was going on but there was not an enjoyable drink other than water."

Credit: Henry P. Taylor

Credit: Henry P. Taylor

• "Closed right now." (Thanks.)

• “Very Upset The Place Looks Amazing , Food Was Horrible Dry Crusty Bones”

• “good stuff, wish they had the buffet”

• “I have a few friends that hate this place because they think it’s a huge eyesore, but I disagree. I think this place is fantastic. I love that someone decided to built a 56 ft tall chicken in the middle of a busy commercial area. Extra points for putting in the effort to make it’s pupels spin in circles and making it open and close it’s mouth.”

• "Everytime me and my girlfriend drive by this place, we watch the chicken open and close it's mouth and we scream along with it. We are dorks and I love her." (The couple that screams like chickens together...)

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• “Love this place ever since I first visited 24 yrs ago. Love the new remodel! They did a great job, love the new outdoor seating. And the wood paneled signs look awesome! Ok, now to the food. Well, it's hit or miss. Sometimes great and other times not. Most staff are very short with you but the manager is very wonderful with a great attitude. With such a great place, wish the manager could improve the staffs attitudes and consistency with the food. Good luck!”

• "Love Chicken; visit KFC" (Brevity is their strong suit.)

• "Not a hugh fan! The big chicken is a classic though." (Hugh are you talking about?)

• "All they need is the lemon parfait. I miss that taste" (It appears that maybe used to be a dessert at KFC but was discontinued. The AJC apologizes if it made any cravings worse.)

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• “Sign on door says lobby closes at 9pm. Why on a thursday night do i try to walk in at 852pm and the doors are locked. Then an associate comes out and i thought she was opening the door for me. She comes out and says. "Im sorry we are closed" i notified her your lobby says it closes at 9 and she said oh thats fine the drive thru is open. What is this”

• “Honestly it's just a mediocre fast food chicken place in a fancy dress.”