Tyler Perry: ‘I don’t have time to wait’ on the right kind of wig on set

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Tyler Perry Denies Exploiting Pain of Black Women Perry addressed claims that his films profited off of the suffering of black women during the premiere of his new romantic thriller, 'A Fall From Grace.' Tyler Perry, via 'Page Six' Tyler Perry, via 'Page Six' This statement follows recent backlash Perry received for saying he wrote the scripts for all of his TV shows and films without a writers room.

Tyler Perry said he and “A Fall From Grace” star Crystal A. Fox had a “knock down, drag out argument” over a wig featured in the Netflix film

Social media made no secret about how they felt about the wigs in Tyler Perry’s new Netflix thriller “A Fall From Grace” — and he’s made it clear that he isn’t keen on spending time delving into the perfect unit.

Ahead of the Jan. 17 debut of the Crystal Fox-starring film, Perry and Fox spoke to Hello Beautiful about the on-set tension that bubbled up over one of the wigs.

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“We had a knock down, drag out argument about the wigs in one of the scenes,” Perry said. “It was very emotional for her.”

Perry explained that it’s important for his characters to be transformed in a way that separates them from the actor portraying them. Mehcad Brooks, who plays Fox’s on-screen boyfriend, Shannon, is bald in real life, but wore a high top on screen.

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Fox, who has worked with Perry on the OWN series “The Haves and the Have Nots,” shared that she’s always willing to ask for what she needs as an actress for her character — including a particular wig or hairstyle.

“As a woman of color, our hair is part of the journey so it is very, very important. And to some people it is hard to stress that it is that important,” she said.

Perry agreed about the importance of tresses, but he said he’s not willing to spend hefty amounts of time or money to sort through it.

“As long as you figure it out before it’s time to shoot. I’m good. I don’t have time to wait five hours and spend $10 million to figure out which curl is right for you,” he said in part.

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When “A Fall From Grace” debuted, many online took aim at the hair of the characters — particularly the men.

“Has anyone discussed #TylerPerry’s history of putting cornball wigs on men yet? Including himself,” someone tweeted.

Another Twitter user reflected on the inconsistency of the Fox’s character’s wig in one scene.

“A Fall From Grace” follows Fox’s Grace who finds love after her husband’s affair but a violent turn leads her to rely on a public defender who has never worked a case to try to free her from jail.