Social media can’t stop talking about Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall From Grace’

Many were left scratching their heads over wigs and the antics of background characters in the Netflix thriller

Tyler Perry Fast Facts The inspiration behind Tyler Perry's famous character, Madea, is his mother. Her name was Willie Maxine Perry. Perry had a long-running feud with Spike Lee. They've since squashed it and Perry named a sound stage at Tyler Perry Studios after the legendary filmmaker. Perry has a streaming partnership with BET. At 330 acres, Tyler Perry Studios is the largest film studio owned by a person of African descent Perry's studios hosted the Georgia Democratic debate and the 2019 Miss Univer

After a round of promotion, Tyler Perry’s much-talked about Netflix film “A Fall from Grace” debuted on the streaming platform Friday. Almost as soon as it did, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts.

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The film stars “The Haves and The Have Nots” actress Crystal Fox, who is a staple of the Atlanta stage scene. She plays a woman who finds love again after her husband leaves her for his mistress. But things turn violent and she’s imprisoned. While awaiting a murder trial, a public defender who has never tried a case steps in as her attorney.

Perry urged his fans not to spoil the big plot twist and while many obliged, they didn’t hold back on their feelings about how characters looked or behaved.

Fans remarked on the hairstyles of the actors, who apparently wore wigs in the film.

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Several viewers also took note of the behavior of the actors during a restaurant scene.

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Some of the remarks took aim at Perry, who wrote, directed and starred in the film, for his recent remarks about not having a writer’s room for his projects.

“I don’t know if you know this, but all shows on television have a writers room and most of the time there are ten people, 12, whatever that write on these television shows,” Perry said on Instagram. “I have no writers room. Nobody writes any of my work. I write it all.”

The comments drew criticism from fans and those who disapproved of his new film echoed those sentiments.

Yet not everyone criticized the film, which Bresha Webb, who plays the public defender, told People Now took five days to shoot.

Some praised the thriller, the second one in Perry’s filmography after 2018’s “Acrimony.”