Tyler Perry says he once had a writer’s room, then this happened

Tyler Perry ignited criticism recently when he shared that he’s the only writer on several of his hit series.

But amid calls that Perry add other voices to his projects, the filmmaker explained he’s had a writer’s room before.

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"What people don't know is that early on, I had a writer's room and it was a nightmare for me. It was a real nightmare for me," Perry told Essence magazine. "Not only that, they were turning in scripts that didn't speak to my audience and my ratings took a dip. My audience knows my voice. They want to hear from me. They want to hear what I'm saying."

Perry declared he is writing the shows he showcased in his viral Instagram video — including “The Haves and the Have Nots,” “The Oval,” “Sistas” and comedies including the rebooted sitcom “House of Payne.” But he’s developing other shows at his Tyler Perry Studios that will have other show runners on board.

“[We’re] giving lots of people opportunities to do that,” Perry said. “But I’m going to hold on to my section over here.”

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“I don’t know what people are complaining about,” he added. “Because I’m writing specifically for my audience, specifically for them.”

Still, Perry said he understands “wanting other people to have their opportunities as well.”

So while Perry is open to giving upcoming projects from his Atlanta studios writer’s rooms, he’ll continue to be the only one on projects that bear his name.

He showed just how on Instagram when he posted a photo hard at work by the fireside in a huge cabin.

“My writers room!!!” he captioned the image. “To the millions of you who are loving what I do and watch my shows every week, don’t worry, I ain’t stopping!!”