CBS turns down medical marijuana Super Bowl ad

A proposed Super Bowl commercial advocating for medical marijuana was rejected by CBS, according to recent reports.

Acreage Holdings, an investment company with holdings in the cannabis industry,  told Bloomberg News CBS turned down a commercial advocating for legalizing medical marijuana. According to the company, CBS said no after seeing a "rough outline" of the segment.

The ad was supposed to “create an advocacy campaign for constituents who are being lost in the dialogue,” said Acreage President George Allen.

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Medical marijuana, while legalized in 30 states (including Georgia), is still illegal under federal law.

Allen told Bloomberg the company wanted to advertise in the Super Bowl specifically because of the event’s unparalleled audience.

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Last year, the reported price of a 30-second spot was $5 million. Marketers, however, consider this price worth it given the size of the Super Bowl audience.

"Advertisers pay to reach eyeballs, and the Super Bowl delivers on that," Daniel B. Kline wrote on The Motley Fool. "The big game is one of the few events that very few people watch later in order to skip the commercials, at least partly because it's nearly impossible to avoid hearing the result immediately after the game."


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