‘Star Wars’ live, in Technicolor sound, with the Atlanta Symphony

If you've been waiting for the chance for you or your children to see the original "Star Wars" on the big screen, if you've wanted to hear the "greatest American film score of all time" performed by a live orchestra, this week you're in luck.

The 1977 film, also called “Episode IV: A New Hope,” will be screened at Symphony Hall Thursday through Saturday, with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performing the John Williams score live.

The first, and arguably the best of the "Star Wars" unfinished triple trilogy (please: "Empire" ended on a cliffhanger; that's not a movie, that's a serial), "A New Hope" introduced the frankly romantic music of John Williams to the masses.

By 1977 Williams had been writing television and film music for decades, but the "Star Wars" score was something new. Williams created a "leitmotif" for each character (a la Richard Wagner), providing a rich profusion of melodies. His majestic main theme was unforgettable.

The score earned Williams an Academy Award, and was later named by the American Film Institute as the “greatest American film score of all time.”

The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra plays the music of the original “Star Wars,” accompanying the film, which will be shown on the big screen; 7:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 22-24, Symphony Hall, 1280 Peachtree St.; $59 to $159; costumes are encouraged; www.atlantasymphony.org/; 404-733-4900