Man dressed as Aladdin rides 'magic carpet' around San Francisco

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In a video posted online on Thursday, YouTube star Jesse Wellens rode around San Francisco on what appears to be a magic carpet while dressed as Aladdin.

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The carpet, which is actually motorized electric skateboard, gives the illusion that the carpet is hovering above the ground.  

The modern-day Aladdin receives a text from girlfriend Princess Jasmine, who insists the pair hang out, even though the character says he has to detail his carpet, "give Abu a bath" and "pawn off the genie's old lamp." "Plus, Jafar is back and he's been on my case like crazy, so I don't want him to start any crap," he texts.

Aladdin eventually decides to abandon his plans and zooms around the city, gaining lots of attention on his way to visit Jasmine. At different points, he grabs onto a cable car and almost crashes into a car on a busy street.

Eventually, he ends up at the Palace of Fine Arts, where he picks Jasmine up for a date.