Photographer uncovers ‘hottest bartenders' in Athens

It may not be investigative journalism, but a freelance photographer who recently did a special project for the newspaper in Athens is uncovering things in the Classic City.

More specifically, he's uncovering women who sling drinks.

Tobin Russell Brogunier is releasing a calendar of what he's decided are the "hottest" bartenders in the home of the Bulldogs.

Many of the women are 19, and many are students at the University of Georgia, Brogunier said.

He got the idea after shooting a breast cancer awareness calendar for the Athens Banner-Herald earlier this year. "Real men wear pink" portrayed well-known local gents with something pink, whether a piece of clothing or a tool.

Brogunier worked as a commercial photographer in New York City and then Minnesota. He moved to Athens to be with his girlfriend, and is trying to build up his business.

After the men in pink photo job, Brogunier began brainstorming with a friend for his next project. She suggested a calendar with pictures of pretty bartenders.

"Athens Uncovered" is the result. The calendar contains photos of 15 women, and is for sale through Brogunier's website:

With word of the calendar reaching the streets, Brogunier has found himself in delicate situations. Women who didn't get into it seem to be asking him why.

"You can't be that direct in the South," he said, but when he encounters them in the streets they seem to be "angling" at that question.

The truth is, he said, he selected women who returned his calls and committed to the project early on: "The hot girls who were also the most enthusiastic are the ones who ended up getting into the calendar."

** See the photos.