Strike of some fast food workers promised Tuesday

Fast-food workers in Atlanta Tuesday will be part of a national attempt to raise wages, according to advocates and worker organizations.

The scope of the effort – likely center around the McDonalds chain – remains to be seen.

However, "Fight for $15," a 4-year-old workers group, has called for action – including strikes in many cases – to be carried out Tuesday as part of a campaign to mandate a $15-a-hour minimum wage along with the right to union representation.

In the wake of the election, the group has also taken stands against deportation and the elimination of the Affordable Care Act.

"We will take our first steps together to fight back for our families and communities," Mary Kay Henry, president of the Service Employees International Union said, according to the Washington Post. "Together we will keep fighting for $15 (an-hour as minimum wage), a union, racial, immigrant, and environmental justice."

Worker action will include demonstrations beginning at noon at 19 airports, including Atlanta, Seattle, San Francisco, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale, according to the Post.

Organizers are claiming a commitment to tens of thousands of participants in several hundred cities. Organizers also say that some workers at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport will be part of the strike.

The effort was endorsed Monday by the Georgia NAACP.

Tuesday's actions are part of "a historic wave of civil disobedience," said Francys Johnson, a Statesboro Attorney and president of the state's NAACP. "This is the moment of testing the resolve of progressives. We're holding nothing back."

Organizers say that that some “McDonalds and other fast-food workers” will walk off their jobs at 6 a.m. A protest at Hartsfield-Jackson is planned for noon. A 5 p.m. event is planned, a gathering which will include “community leaders and elected officials as they risk arrest” at a McDonalds restaurant, organizers said.