Sideqik’s business model puts new spin on SaaS

Forbes has reported on Sideqik's unique business model so we explored the nuts and bolts. While software as a service (SaaS) is nothing new, Sideqik is putting their own spin on it.

The Model:

  • SaaS facilitates the delivery of incremental value to customers, allowing the vendor to adjust their prices over time.
  • Usually price increases generally occur after new utility has been provided to the customers.
  • A hybrid is emerging- combining transaction pricing with a standard SaaS subscription price. This is being called "TranSaaSion."
  • This variable pricing methodology allows TranSaaSion vendors to scale their revenue in close correlation with the utility they deliver.
  • Four companies which utilize this business model include: SideqikVitrue,  AppFolio and Invoca.
  • Sideqik bases pricing on the size of the digital audiences served by their respective solutions.

Read more from Forbes.

The Scoop on Sideqik:

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