Georgia mediocre for retiring vets, survey says

Many in Georgia have long prided themselves as being part of a pro-military state, hosting numerous bases while supporting members of the armed forces in action, in training and in retirement.

Well, not so much, says a survey released this week.

At least when it comes to retirement of veterans, says the conclusion of a report from WalletHub. Georgia ranks only 28th – below Wisconsin, for crying out loud!! – in a collection of 20 measurements aimed at grading each state on its “economic environment, health care services and overall quality of life” for veterans.

Because the average military retirement happens at age 47, the data was not just about geriatrics centers and the number of assisted living facilities. Affordability of housing mattered. So did the availability of jobs for vets.

So Florida was, of course, up there – but it was not number one. The top five states were Alaska – which has the highest proportion of vets — South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, followed by the Sunshine State.

South Carolina came in 10th, but it has the highest proportion of veteran-owned businesses, says WalletHub.

Worst state for military retirees: Rhode Island.

WalletHub is a Washington, D.C.-based online site offering credit scores, analysis and financial advice. The company also has something of a fetish about calculating economic lists.

The full report and ranking is available here.