Woodhouse boys taken to woodshed on nat'l TV

This is too good not to share.

Dallas and Brad Woodhouse are brothers; Dallas, with dark hair, is a hard-core Republican activist; brother Brad is a passionate Democratic activist. They're both from Raleigh, NC, both "rocked in the same rocker," as their mother, Joyce, ruefully describes it. They fight about politics, a lot, even at family gatherings. They can't help themselves.

Earlier today, they were bickering about politics on C-Span, which at least is a more appropriate setting. But having appeared on that show, I can tell you that it can be pretty disconcerting when they take phone calls from viewers, because you really have no idea what kind of bizarre question you might to have to field.

So then this happened:

On a related note, I'll be taking the rest of the week off from active blogging. I'll still be around, and will post if big news breaks, but otherwise I'm heeding Mama Woodhouse's advice.