All-region teams: Ackles, Cendoya among honorees in 6-A

Here is the all-region team for 6-A, as voted by the league’s coaches:

6-A North

Player of the year: ATH C.J. Ackles, Mount Zion, Sr.

Offensive player of the year: RB Tijai Whatley, Darlington, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: LB Logan Blevins, Trion, Sr.

Coaches of the year: Brad Gordon, Mount Zion, and Mark Hollars, North Cobb Christian

First-team offense

QB - Jarrett Gill, Trion, Sr.

RB - Tijai Whatley, Darlington, Sr.

RB - Braden Jarvis, Gordon Lee, Sr.

RB - Breon Henderson, Mount Zion, Jr.

TE - Jacob Hunt, Darlington, Sr.

TE - Colton Duncan, Trion, Sr.

WR - Iaan Cousin, Mount Zion, Jr.

WR - Zach Gentry, Christian Heritage, Jr.

WR - Christian Koneman, Christian Heritage, Sr.

OL - Tate Ratledge, Darlington, So.

OL - Braxden Peace, Trion, Sr.

OL - Brendon Spradlin, Mount Zion, Jr.

OL - Trent Cummings, Christian Heritage, Sr.

OL - Aiden Brock, Trion, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Zaylin Wood, Bowdon, Jr.

DL - Elijah Ball, Darlington, Sr.

DL - Nick McGhee, Trion, Sr.

DL - Duane Jones, Christian Heritage, Jr.

DB - Cole Phillips, Trion, Sr.

DB - Tim Walker, North Cobb Christian, Jr.

DB - Tyriese Farley, Mount Zion, Jr.

DB - Tijai Whatley, Darlington, Sr.

LB - Cole Helton, Mount Zion, Sr.

LB - John Robert Nelson, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

LB - Logan Blevins, Trion, Sr.

LB - Karl Swiger, Darlington, Sr.

ATH - C.J. Ackles, Mount Zion, Sr.

PK - Elder Morales, Trion, Sr.

P - C.J. Ackles, Mount Zion, Sr.

Second-team offense

QB - Griffin Brewster, Darlington, So.

RB - Kyle Pierre, North Cobb Christian, Jr.

RB - Tanner Railey, Trion, Sr.

RB - Karl Swiger, Darlington, Sr.

TE - Patrick Howard, Gordon Lee, Sr.

WR - Barrick Wade, Darlington, Jr.

WR - Hunter Hudson, Gordon Lee, Jr.

WR - DeDe Cox, Bowdon, Sr.

OL - Jackson Walters, Trion, Sr.

OL - Nate Ellis, North Cobb Christian, Jr.

OL - Caleb Vines, Gordon Lee, Sr.

OL - Hunter Grizzard, Bowdon, Sr.

OL - Cade Hill, Mount Zion, Sr.

OL - C.J. Thomas, Gordon Lee, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Jacob Hunt, Darlington, Sr.

DL - Clay Baker, Trion, So.

DL - C.J. Ledbetter, Mount Zion, Sr.

DL - Cordell Lankford, Gordon Lee, Jr.

DB - Tucker Miller, Gordon Lee, So.

DB - Hagan Willingham, Trion, Jr.

DB - Syd Reece, Christian Heritage, Jr.

DB - C.J. Ayers, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

LB - Braden Johnson, Trion, Sr.

LB - Jake Porterfield, Mount Zion, Sr.

LB - Will Marquees, North Cobb Christian, Sr.

LB - Kelan Stepp, Darlington, Sr.

ATH - Ryan Pruitt, North Cobb Christian, So.

PK - Joe Dixon, Christian Heritage, So.

P - Tate Ratledge, Darlington, So.

Honorable mention: Bowdon - Cooper Smith, Nathan Hill, Noah Langley, Nathan Powell. Christian Heritage - Matthew Neff, Mitchell Herndon, Zane Crowin. Darlington - Tigger Frix, Rhett McDurmon, Tommy Atha, Casey Gunn, Austin Rogers, Ezra Barnette. Mount Zion - Ray Cheeks, Devon Farley. North Cobb Christian - Jake Watson, Bailey Armstrong, Chandler Tolar, Tobi Abiodun. Trion - Jake Hayes, Brett Brown, Austin Southerland, Tucker McCoy.

6-A South

Offensive player of the year: QB Jacob Cendoya, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

Co-defensive players of the year: DE Konner Henkle, Mount Paran Christian, Sr., and MLB Thomas Joiner, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

Lineman of the year: OL/DL Hunter Nourzad, Walker, Sr.

Coach of the year: Mitch Jordan, Mount Paran Christian

First-team offense

QB - Niko Vangarelli, Mount Paran Christian, So.

QB - Joseph Vose, Walker, Sr.

RB - David Woodward, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

RB - Sean Paradise, St. Francis, Jr.

RB - Merrick Haigler, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

RB - Chandler Webber, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

WR - Kai Williams, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

WR - T.J. Tampa, St. Francis, So.

WR - Austin Sumter, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

WR - Casey Barham, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

TE - Connor Purcell, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

TE - Kellum Rowan, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

OL - Landin Jackson, Mount Paran Christian, Jr.

OL - James Snavely, Walker, Sr.

OL - Chad Peden, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

OL - Darron Willis, St. Francis, So.

OL - Tad Aycock, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - Davis Shaw, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - Coleman Miller, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

AP - Jack Allen, Mount Paran Christian, Jr.

AP - Robert Jones, St. Francis, Jr.

First-team defense

DL - Charlie Smith, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

DL - Stone Brown, Pinecrest Christian, Jr.

DL - Jonathan Pittman, St. Francis, So.

DL - Billy McCurry, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

DL - Kyle Holt, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

DL - Jake Lewis, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

LB - Aaron Strozier, St. Francis, Jr.

LB - Drake Harris, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

LB - Carl Grindstaff, Walker, Sr.

DB - Cameron Gill, Fellowship Christian, Jr.

DB - Jason Brock, Walker, Sr.

DB - Conner Norwood, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

DB - Chase Grander, Mount Pisgah Christian, Jr.

DB - Ryan DiFazio, Pinecrest Christian, Jr.

DB - Josh Harps Zhu, St. Francis, Jr.

DB - Davis Stephens, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

DB - Bo Stallings, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

First-team special teams

PK - Matthew Sumlin, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

P - Matthew Sumlin, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

LS - Parker Lefton, King's Ridge Christian, Sr.

LS - Craig Scott, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB - Kyle Terry, Mount Paran Christian, Jr.

QB - Luke Persons, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

RB - KJ Cainion, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

RB - Hayden Milling, King's Ridge Christian, Sr.

WR - Trey Murphy, Mount Pisgah Christian, Sr.

WR - Kaleb Brooks, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

WR - Colby Mangan, Pinecrest Christian, Jr.

WR - Isaiah Wadsworth, St. Francis, So.

TE - David Stubbs, Pinecrest Christian, Jr.

TE - Beau Slay, Walker, Sr.

OL - Sam Aden, Mount Pisgah Christian, Jr.

OL - Mason Russel, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

OL - Ben Locke, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

OL - Bart Perez, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

OL - Philip Trainor, King's Ridge Christian, Sr.

AP - Lake Boyer, Walker, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Nick Jackson, Mount Pisgah Christian, Fr.

DL - Sean Barden, King's Ridge Christian, Sr.

DL - Patrick Sullivan, Pinecrest Christian, Jr.

DL - Chris Manion, Mount Paran Christian, Jr.

DL - Reed Bott, Fellowship Christian, Jr.

DL - Kaleb Harris, King's Ridge Christian, Jr.

LB - Mikey Nardella, Mount Pisgah Christian, Jr.

LB - Nick Kreitner, St. Francis, Sr.

LB - Matt Morton, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

LB - Matt Curry, Fellowship Christian, Sr.

DB - Chris Ouellette, St. Francis, Sr.

DB - Jake Wilson, Mount Paran Christian, Jr.

DB - Jame Milholin, Fellowship Christian, Jr.

DB - Chip Goldsmith, Whitefield Academy, Sr.

DB - Kaleb Brooks, Whitefield Academy, Jr.

DB - Cam Cantwell, Mount Paran Christian, Sr.

Second-team special teams

PK - Peyton Bardhans, Mount Pisgah Christian, So.

P - Parker Rostowsky, Mount Paran Christian, So.

LS - Peter Haynes, Pinecrest Christian, So.

Honorable mention: Pinecrest Christian - LB Nolan Stafford, Sr.; RB Brooks Binkley, Sr. Fellowship Christian - QB Brooks Bryant, Fr.; LB Cody Tapley, Jr. King's Ridge Christian - WR Joshua Stallworth, Sr.; LB Christian Smith, Jr.; QB Casey Flanagan, Jr. Mount Paran Christian - LB Jack Phipps, Jr.; RB Cam Moore, Jr.; RB, Nate Raeder, Sr.; OL Will Smith, So.; FB Alex Lee, So.; LB Jackson Reese, Sr.; OL Austin Lake, So,; DL Ben Howard, Sr. Mount Pisgah Christian - OL Connor Getchell, Sr.; DB Jakob Wooten, Jr.; DB Jackson Grant, Sr.; LB Jonathan Gigilia, Sr. St. Francis - QB Sam Hines, So.; LB Josh Gil, So.; AP Hunter Jones, So.; OL Troy Beasley, So. Walker - LB Patrick Wright, Jr.; DL Candler Boland, Sr; WR Austin Hughes, Jr. Whitefield Academy - OL Braeden Swilley, So.; WR Bryce Davis, So.

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