LIVE BLOG: Georgia Tech vs. Pittsburgh


Credit: Ken Sugiura

Credit: Ken Sugiura

For those of you not on the premises at 150 Bobby Dodd Way, hope you’ll join us for the live blog.

A few things to note – I think Georgia Tech players are feeling fairly confident about their chances against Pittsburgh, for whatever that’s worth. I think they’re pretty motivated by what’s happened the last two years against Pitt, losing in the final minutes on field goals, and are eager for payback.

This is not unique to this game, but I think they see taking control of this game early as being a big part of the plan. Something to bear in mind if it does (or doesn’t) happen.

Also to watch for, as always: Takeaways and pass rush from the defense, limited turnovers/balls on the ground from the offense. Pitt did a much better job defensively against Tech last year (Pat Narduzzi’s second year) as opposed to 2015, but he has a really young group that might be susceptible to mistake.

Also, I’ll try to get you a report on whether Pressley Harvin is warming up pregame, although it may come shortly before kickoff, as I’ve got some other obligations.

In the meantime, some pregame reading from the week. Talk to you shortly after kickoff.

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