Hartsfield-Jackson moving Uber, Lyft pickup locations

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is moving its locations for Uber and Lyft pickups to an area that will require a walk across the roadway from the terminal, through the parking garage to the economy parking lot.

The airport said the new locations opening Wednesday in the economy lots on the Terminal North and Terminal South sides of the domestic terminal will be exclusively for Uber and  Lyft pickups.

The world's busiest airport is moving the ride-share pickup locations because construction of massive curbside canopies will take up space on the curbside areas that Uber and Lyft are currently using to pick up passengers, along with other motorists.

"With any shift, there's always going to be a learning curve," said Hartsfield-Jackson spokesman Reese McCranie. He said passengers should follow signs in the terminal to the pickup locations about a 5 minute walk from the terminal.

The airport's construction of massive canopies that will cover the curbside area requires shifting lane closures that are causing congestion. The canopies, which along with other terminal improvements will cost $265 million, are part of the airport's $6 billion expansion and modernization plan.

The canopies are expected to take 18 months to complete.

The airport had planned to move the Uber and Lyft pickup location in July, but delayed the move as Uber officials expressed concerns about inconvenience and hassles for their customers of a single pickup area, at Terminal South.

The airport has since added a second location at Terminal North for its planned pickup areas for Uber and Lyft.

For a step-by-step how-to for passengers taking Uber from the Atlanta airport and more on what the change means for travelers, get the full story on MyAJC.com.

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Hartsfield-Jackson is moving the location for Uber and Lyft pick ups to the economy lots.