Georgia State releases depth chart for opener

Georgia State released its probable depth chart for Friday’s season-opening game against Charlotte at the Georgia Dome.

It included a few surprises.

First, all-conference tight Joel Ruiz is listed first on the depth chart at his position. Ruiz has worn a non-contact jersey throughout camp and only recently has begun to run routes. He is recovering from a knee injury.

There are two more surprises on the offensive line. First, Davis Moore is listed ahead of Alex Stoehr at guard. Stoehr started most games last year. Stoehr had to miss a few days of practice two weeks ago following the team’s first scrimmage. Coach Trent Miles said he was recovering from soreness he experienced after the scrimmage. Stoehr also sat out the spring.

The other surprise is Jah-Mai Davidson listed as the starter at right tackle. Sebastian Willer started with the first team the first two weeks of camp.

Taz Bateman is listed ahead of Kendrick Dorn as the second-string running back, but it’s not something to read too much into because Miles has said repeatedly that all of them will play.

On defense, a pair of UAB transfers will start: safety Bobby Baker and outside linebacker Alonzo McGee.

Here is the rest of the depth chart:


Nick Arbuckle

Emiere Scaife

Running back

Kyler Neal

Taz Bateman

Kendrick Dorn

Marcus Caffey


Jonathan Lytle

Wide receiver

Todd Boyd

Avery Sweeting

Wide receiver

Glenn Smith

Kam Myers

Wide receiver

Robert Davis

Nyiakki Height

Tight end

Joel Ruiz

Keith Rucker

Bill Teknipp

Left tackle

Michael Ivory

Sebastian Willer

Left guard

Kelepi Folau

Tyler Simonsen


Taylor Evans

Gabe Mobley

Right guard

Davis Moore

Alex Stoehr

Right tackle

Jah-Mai Davidson

Dom Roldan


Outside linebacker

Michael Shaw

Melvin King

Defensive end

Shawanye Lawrence

DeQueszman Kelley

Nose guard

Jalen Lawrence

Julien Laurent

Defensive end

Mackendy Cheridor

Carnell Hopson

Marterious Allen

Outside linebacker

Alonzo McGee

James Traylor

Inside linebacker

Kaleb Ringer

Trey Payne

Inside linebacker

Joseph Peterson

Ed Curney


Tarris Batiste

Nate Simon


Bobby Baker

Bryan Williams


Bruce Dukes

Jerome Smith


Chandon Sullivan

B.J. Clay



Wil Lutz

Brandon Wright


Wil Lutz

Brandon Wright

Snapper (punts)

Seth-Patrick Holman

Snapper (PAT and field goals)

Trey Payne


Clay Chastain

Punt returner

Avery Sweeting

Taz Bateman

Kick returner

Chandon Sullivan

Glenn Smith