GDOT: Roads still slick in parts of North Georgia

Meteorologist Eboni Deon has your Sunday morning weather forecast.

9:10 a.m. update: Metro Atlanta roads were in good condition early Sunday, but roads in some parts of North Georgia remain slick.

Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale some counties in North Georgia – particularly those along I-575 and Ga. 515 – still have snow on the ground. GDOT crews are still working in northern counties.

Dale said there are no concerns with metro Atlanta roads.

4:10 p.m. Saturday update: Crews continue to treat highways across north Georgia in anticipation of we roads freezing overnight.

“We’ve got crews from metro (Atlanta) north that will continue working and treating through tomorrow morning in preparation for refreeze,” said Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale.

She said the department is still dealing with areas hit the hardest in northeast Georgia.

Even in areas where roads are in good condition, GDOT advises motorists to stay off the roads to allow crews to remove as much moisture as possible to prevent freezing overnight.

Original story: The Georgia Department of Transportation warns that wet roads could refreeze tonight in the wake of Saturday morning's snow.

GDOT spokeswoman Natalie Dale said road conditions are generally fine in metro Atlanta. But snow is accumulating on some northeast Georgia roads. And some windy mountain roads in north Georgia are more treacherous. She said some roads near Ball Ground in Cherokee County were closed.

Temperatures are rising, and any problems are likely to dissipate as the day goes on. But Dale urged motorists to stay off the road if they can to allow crews to do their job.

“Any moisture left on the road will refreeze tonight,” she said. “We want to get as much of that off the road as possible.”

Dale said GDOT crews began treating interstates and state highways Friday night in anticipation of the snow. In northwest and northeast Georgia, crews applied brine to the roads. In metro Atlanta, they treated roads north of I-20 with salt that would be less likely to be washed away by rain that fell first.

“As this is moving across the northeast corner of the state, we’re seeing some very quick accumulation on the roads,” Dale said.

“We’re seeing no issues in metro Atlanta right now in terms of trouble spots,” she said. “But we’ve got crews out looking for them.”