A visit to Venice will now cost you a few extra euros

Day-trippers will need to buy a ticket to enter Italy’s floating city

If you want to see if Venice’s canal water is still as clear as it was during the pandemic, you’re going to have to buy a ticket — not just to check out the water, but also to see the city.

Millions are drawn to the city’s waterways, museums and churches each year, adding nearly 2 billion euros to Venice’s economy each year.

But all those visitors have driven residents from the city, increased the cost of living and decreased the quality of life, according to veneziaautentica.com.

In an effort to curb overtourism, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is now charging visitors an entrance fee on certain days during peak season, which is late April through mid July.

Before you start rethinking your budget, a ticket will only set you back 5 euros (less than $6) per person per day. They can be bought online before you leave the States. You can print out your tickets or save them to your phone.

Those staying in the city, visiting relatives, on a school trip or visiting for certain other reasons can request an exemption to the fee.

The dates when you’ll need a ticket are:

  • April 25–30
  • May 1–5, 11–12, 18–19 and 25–26
  • June 8–9, 15–16, 22–23 and 29–30
  • July 6–7 and 13–14

Although sediment in the canals had time to settle during the pandemic, travel has picked back up since restrictions were lifted in 2022, with nearly 4 million international tourists visiting the city that year.

The overwhelming majority of those visitors — more than twice the No. 2 country — were from the United States.

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