Where can I find it: Bullfrog spray and NuTone intercom repair

Q: With summer coming, I have been frantically looking for my Bullfrog spray. It’s both an insect repellent and a sunscreen, and I’ve used it every year for decades. When I try to order it, every site states that it cannot be delivered to this area. So I’m not sure if that means they have stopped making this product or if there’s some ingredient in it that Georgia doesn’t allow. I’m not sure what’s going on, so if you could dig into that for me, I would be so grateful. And then, I can either stop my search or find it wherever you find it. Thank you so much. — Linda Carrier, Johns Creek

Bullfrog Mosquito Coast Sunscreen SPF 50 + Insect Repellant sports a new look but features the same effective ingredients that have made it a favorite for decades.

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A: Linda, I don’t know why you hit a snag when placing your order, but the good news is that Bullfrog Mosquito Coast Sunscreen SPF 50 + Insect Repellant is still available. The line was recently rebranded, but the company maintains that the products, which debuted in 1985, will keep the original formulas. Mosquito Coast is DEET-free and billed as repelling insects for up to eight hours. It’s water-resistant and made with aloe and Vitamin E. Bullfrog Mosquito Coast is available in 4.7-ounce pump bottles for $12.99 at Tractor Supply Co., 3064 Cobb Parkway, Kennesaw, 770-917-9759.

Q: I have a NuTone intercom and radio system, which is 30 years old, and it has stopped working. I’ve tried to either get another system or get it repaired, but I haven’t been able to find anyone. So, if you know somebody in Atlanta who might be able to fix it or find me a replacement, I’d appreciate it. Thank you. — Ronald Watkins, Atlanta

A: NuTone is no longer in business and has stopped making replacement parts for its intercom units, so repairs are nearly impossible. However, Intrasonic fills the void with a line of retrofit systems that can be easily swapped out for discontinued intercoms, offering NuTone owners updated technology. Atlanta Digital Security Systems Inc., 770-957-5465, which installs and repairs intercom and music systems as well as residential and commercial security units, can replace your NuTone intercom with an Intrasonic model. Go to www.atlantadigitalsecurity.com for more information.

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