5 creative gift ideas for your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is June 16, and it’s time to start the hunt for a present

Father’s Day is creeping up on us, and it’s time to start thinking about presents. Other than the usual grill, mug and dad-themed T-shirt, there are plenty of creative gifts out there your dad will love. Here are five ideas to consider for Father’s Day.

Custom mini brick figure

For $25.95 you can upload a picture of dad to the Mine Brick website and get a custom Dad Brick Figure. There are fewer than than 200 pieces, and it takes around 30 minutes to put together.

Scratch-off journal

Making memories with your parents doesn’t have to end once you’re an adult. The $30 Moments with Dad Scratch Off Journal from Uncommon Goods is a fun way to create a bucket list. The journal comes with 100 prompts, with space to add pictures, notes and more as you collect memories.

Moments with Dad Scratch Off Journal

Credit: Uncommon Goods Websitr

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Credit: Uncommon Goods Websitr

3D screen magnifier

The 3D screen magnifier can turn any video on a smartphone into a bigger experience for on the go viewing — from camping to working in small places. The 14″ screen comes with a foldable wooden frame compatible with all models. It’s available on Amazon for $29.95

Dad brain plaque

Through all the years of suffering with dad jokes, it’s time you take the comedy up a notch. The Dad’s Brain Square plaque from the Shoppers Outlet is a colorful way to highlight dad’s strengths and is available for $39.95.

Dad - Dad's Brain - Square Acrylic Plaque

Credit: The Shoppers Outlet

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Credit: The Shoppers Outlet

Magnetic tool wristband

If your dad is a natural handyman, giving him a gift to keep nails, bolts and drill bits within reach is a great present. The Magnetic Wristband is available for $15.59 on Amazon.

These gift ideas are great for Father’s Day, but also work for any other occasion where dad is the star.

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