5 movies you can stream with dad on Father’s Day

Here are some ideas for making dads everywhere feel special.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16, this year, and while many Georgians have considered venturing out, some dads may prefer to stay at home.

If you’ve got a pop who’d rather relax with the family than head to his favorite restaurant, you can spend some quality time watching dad-themed films on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and other streaming services.

Here’s a list of five movies you can enjoy with your old man on Father’s Day.


A comedic heartwarming true story about a widower taking on one of the toughest jobs in the world: fatherhood.

‘Old Dads’

Three best friends become dads way later in life. They’re trying to figure life out between fatherhood and working with Gen-Z.

‘Father’s Day’

When a mother enlists the help of her very different ex-lovers for help in the search of her runaway teenage son, the issue of paternity is at play.

‘Are We There Yet?’

A man tries to win over a newly divorced single mother by accompanying her children on a cross-country flight, but a mishap forces him to drive the kids in his prized SUV.

‘Father of the Bride’

The 1990s remake sees a father panic about his daughter marrying the one man she enjoys spending time with more than her dad — her fiance.

So if you plan to stay instead this year, pop some pop corn and gather the snacks as you and dad watch some new and classic movies dealing with fatherhood.