Jason Carter gives Monica Pearson an update on his life and his grandfather

What is it like being the oldest grandchild of President Jimmy Carter? Jason Carter tells Monica all about it.

After graduating from high school, it was his grandfather who encouraged him to join the Peace Corps in South Africa. That experience determined his personal and professional trajectory.

“That solidified that I wanted to work with people at a community level,” said Carter.

He attended law school at the University of Georgia, served in the Georgia state Senate, and ran for governor, all before he turned 40.

Now 48 and working as a litigator, Jason is married with two teenaged sons. Find out if his kids show any interest in politics and if he himself would consider running for president. Jason also shares an update on his grandfather, who has been in hospice care for over a year, and who has already sent in his absentee ballot for the upcoming presidential election.

Jason discusses the importance of mental health, the things he is not good at, and what his kids tease him about.

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