Here’s what happened at Usher’s final show in Las Vegas

Saturday night was the singer’s last concert of his Vegas residency
Usher's final show of his Las Vegas residency was on Dec. 2, 2023. The R&B superstar will perform during next year's Super Bowl halftime show. Credit: Nolen Ryan

Credit: Nolen Ryan Photography

Credit: Nolen Ryan Photography

Usher's final show of his Las Vegas residency was on Dec. 2, 2023. The R&B superstar will perform during next year's Super Bowl halftime show. Credit: Nolen Ryan

For the past two years, Usher has become the king of Las Vegas with a show-stopping residency that proved why he’s undoubtedly R&B royalty. And one of the greatest entertainers of all-time. And one of the best male vocalists of all-time. The list goes on. Perhaps it’s why he was chosen to perform during next year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

His residency, which began at Caesars Palace and ended at Dolby Live, has shined with loads of special guests that made the show feel like a tribute to the early aughts. Recently, his Vegas shows have become more notable for who he’s singing to rather than what he’s singing about. He’s serenaded almost every powerful woman in entertainment (from Issa Rae to Victoria Monét), which has become a meme for causing relationship drama (see: the aftermath of Usher singing to Keke Palmer). But what should be taken away from those viral moments is that an R&B legend is willing to spare a few minutes out of his own concert to highlight the achievements of others.

Such was the case at Saturday night’s show, the grand finale of Usher’s residency. Throughout the two-hour production, he sang his classic ballads, skated like he was at Cascade, danced as if was 2004 all over again and constantly thanked the audience for their support throughout his career.

“[This residency] was a connection to these songs, a connection to this culture, a connection that brought Atlanta to Vegas and to the rest of the world.”

Below are some highlights from the concert, his 100th show in Vegas:

· He sang the classics

The superstar performed a collection of hits that encapsulated his extensive career. From his EDM songs like “OMG” and “Without You,” to his sensual ballads like “Nice & Slow” and “Climax,” Usher electrified the audience with his mesmerizing stage presence and seamless ability to lure any woman by just belting one note.

· Donald Glover was in the audience

Actor and rapper Donald Glover was among the celebrities who attended the show. Floyd Mayweather, Scooter Braun, Johnta Austin, Bryan-Michael Cox were also in the audience and got a shoutout from Usher during the show. Usher also showed love to Jay-Z’s mom Gloria Carter and thanked her for birthing “Black excellence.”

· He serenaded Mary J. Blige and HER

While singing his sultry hit “There Goes My Baby,” Usher wooed R&B singers Mary J. Blige and HER, who were in the audience.

“Oh Mary, y’all know I got a thing for older women, now,” Usher said to Mary J. Blige before thanking her for being a pillar in R&B music.

· He showed love for Atlanta

Usher’s concert featured a Magic City-esque strip club stage design and several skating sessions—key elements of Atlanta’s culture.

“We understand that something amazing happens in Atlanta, and I felt compelled to bring that to the world stage,” Usher said during the beginning of the show.

Usher's final show of his Las Vegas residency was Dec. 2, 2023. The R&B superstar will perform during the Super bowl halftime show next year. Credit: Nolen Ryan

Credit: Nolen Ryan Photography

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Credit: Nolen Ryan Photography

· He cried at the end of the show

During the final moments of the concert, Usher closed his eyes and pointed to the sky for a few seconds to thank God for allowing him to perform 100 shows in Vegas. He closed the show with “Without You,” as an ode to the fans who’ve always supported him. Before the song was over, he shed tears as he remembered how thankful he was for that moment.

Next year’s Super Bowl will be the next time Usher will perform in Vegas. It’ll be on a bigger stage and in front of a wider audience than his residency, but it’ll likely have the same infectious energy that made fans travel to Las Vegas to see him for the past two years. He’ll also release his ninth studio album, “Coming Home,” on the same day as the Super Bowl—proving that he has much more offer in an already legendary career.

“I remember the purpose that this offers, the opportunity that this offers for us to not see color, but to recognize culture, for us to not get caught up in our differences but see our similarities,” he said at the end of the show. “The fact that we love music, the fact that we love entertainment, the fact that we can just enjoy ourselves in this moment—that’s what God would want and that’s what we’re doing.”