Clermont Lounge legend Blondie reveals all (relatively) to Monica Pearson

Her name is Anita Rae Strange, but Atlanta folks know her best as Blondie, famed exotic dancer at Clermont Lounge, Atlanta’s oldest strip club. From stripping to praying, the 67-year-old icon reveals all on this week’s episode of “The Monica Pearson Show.”

Blondie’s background in ballet, tap and jazz helped her ease into go-go dancing at age 19. She moved from club to club before finding her home at Clermont Lounge, where admirers flock to see her signature act: crushing cans between her breasts. She doesn’t dance on a pole anymore but said, “I bet I could still work it.”

She’s charmed generations of crowds, including celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Lady Gaga, Pink, Outkast and the late Anthony Bourdain, and is often compared to another Black performer who was known for her great legs.

Clermont Lounge legend Blondie sits down with Monica on this week's "The Monica Pearson Show."

Credit: AJC staff

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Credit: AJC staff

Find out Blondie’s life motto, which she found on a thrift store T-shirt, and hear her describe her connection to God, which she refers to as her longest relationship. She shares her daily three-hour prayer ritual, her unique work schedule and affinity for beer. She also recites one of her poems, tells if she plans to publish her work soon, and explains why she is missing her front teeth.

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