Store allows you to action-figure yourself

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Ever fancy making your own action figure, not building one, but actually turning yourself into one of those one-of-a-kind comic book store collectables?  A small store in California will do just that.

Industrial scanner manufacturer Artec uses the Kinect sensor bar from Xbox to scan, and later, create a small, accurate, full-color statue of yourself.

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According to Yahoo, technically since they use the Kinect sensor, you can scan at home using Artec's software.

Then a few days, and more than a few dollars, later, you can get a miniature 3d version of yourself.  A 3 inch version is $79, 4.5 inch is $129.  A 6 inch model will set you back $199.

Yahoo reported that it takes hours to print the statue, and a week or two for delivery.

And if you're a Star Wars fanatic, Walt Disney's Star Wars Weekends has offered a similar scan and print souvenir starting in 2012.  It's called Carbon Freeze Me.  For about $100, fans faces are scanned and they receive a 3D image of themselves "frozen" in a block of plastic, reminiscent of Jabba the Hutt's trapping of Han Solo at the end of Empire Strikes Back, minus Darth Vader overseeing the process.

In 2013, Disney offered a Stormtrooper version of the figure.