Portland’s Victory Log on way to Atlanta for MLS Cup

Portland’s Victory Log is on its way to Atlanta United’s home of Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the MLS Cup on Dec. 8.

The log left Providence Park, the Timbers’ home, Friday for the trip of almost 2,600 miles. It expected to arrive by Dec. 6. Though, with traffic in Atlanta who knows?

The log is among the unique traditions in sports in North America. After each goal scored by the Timbers, a slice of the log is cut off and presented to the scorer after the game by "Timber Joey," a Portland mascot and personality.

Atlanta United's tradition is the Golden Spike, which is a nod to the city's past as a railroad hub and present as a transportation hub. A large version of the spike is hammered into a base by an Atlanta personality before home games. A version of the spike is given to Atlanta United's man of the match.