Mike Check: Michael Sam's Rams jersey among most popular sellers

Some people apparently got heated because Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend after becoming the first openly gay person to be drafted by the NFL on Saturday. Or they are upset at ESPN for televising the moment. Really, it's hard to tell exactly why these people are upset because they tend to be low-informati0n reactionaries who get heated about stuff they don't agree with and/or understand, which covers a lot.

Now this doesn't necessarily make those people bigots, mind you. They are quick to let you know they don't have a problem with gay people, per se, they just have a problem with gay people publicly expressing affection for the person they love because that's just gross! They believe The Gays shouldn't make their sexuality such a big deal, because it's not as if media constantly shove heterosexuality down our throats in ways that go well beyond showing a quick little kiss. And that's especially not true in football . . . except for the cheerleaders, the beer commercials, the surprisingly robust cottage industry for (female) groupie gossip, etc.

Anyway, those people who got mad about the Sam kiss--let's call them regressives--are just acting out because they keep taking L's in the culture war they nontheless just can't stop fighting. And here's their latest defeat: According to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy, Sam's St. Louis Rams jersey already is one of the top-selling jerseys among the new batch of rookies. (H/T Foxsports.com)

The NFL doesn't really care about the so-called gay agenda, their PC public relations efforts notwithstanding. But the league definitely cares about the making money agenda. Money talks, and it's telling the regressives who are mad about the positive attention on Sam to shut up, already.